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Hubron (International) Limited has entered an agreement with GME CHEMICALS (S) PTE LTD for it to become the exclusive distributor for their extensive range for Black Masterbatch and Conductive Compounds in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Hubron says that their new partnership with GME, with its network of warehousing throughout the region together with its experienced technical and commercial team, will ensure prompt local supply and easy access to a team able to competently advise on the optimal solution for customers’ requirements.

“With a broad range of complimentary products, a good technical and cultural fit and a strong focus and understanding of our customer’s needs we are extremely excited to be working with GME in the region”, says Keith Simms, Hubron’s Managing Director. “We are confident that the partnership will add considerable value to the solutions we offer to our existing and new clients in the region”


Oxiris Chemicals S.A. has reinstated GME Chemicals Singapore as its sales and marketing partner.  GME will be responsible for all ex-stock sales of IONOL® products in the region.