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Rheopoly™ Polymer Processing Aids (PPA)

RheopolyTM can improve the process of thermoplastic extrusion, especially in low MI liner polyolefin (LLDPE,HDPE and m-PE), and does not affect the original physical property of the plastics as well as sealing, adhesion and printing.


  • C-F bond has low surface energy
  • PPA particles exist as immiscible part in non-fluorinated resin melts
  • PPA particles migrate to metal die wall and form a dynamic coating
  • The coating alleviates the stick between melts and die wall
  • A blunt flow is not easy to cause melt fracture
  • Slip coating avoids the agglomeration and decomposition of fillers,
    resins and other additives on the die wall


  • Reduce shear stress to eliminate melt fracture
  • Alleviate die build up to reduce down time
  • Improve processability of low MI resin
  • Reduce gel counts and improve printing quality
  • Reduce die pressure and increase output
  • Increase surface gloss of extrudates

Processing Guide

  • Typical dosage 0.02%-0.1%
  • Dispersion is critical for good performance
  • 20-60 minutes conditioning time
  • 2-5% concentration Masterbatch to have good dispersion
  • Twin screw extruders for Masterbatch making

Suitable Extrusion Process

  • Wire and Cable
  • Blow Film
  • Casting Film
  • Blow Molding
  • Pipe and Tube Extrusion
  • Filament
  • Masterbatch Production

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