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QueoTM Plastomers - Bridging the gap between plastics and elastomers.


Queo products are a range of low density ethylene copolymers made possible by combining metallocene catalyst technology with the Compact solution polymerisation process. The comonomer used by Borealis Plastomers is octene. Queo plastomers are extending the properties of classic thermoplastic products towards the elastomeric properties of rubbers, while targeting a density between 860 and 915. Typical applications include:

  • Flexible packaging: Queo plastomers maximise sealing performance for clean as well as contaminated seal areas, even at reduced temperatures
  • Display film: add to toughness and shrink performance
  • Blown stretch cling layers: contribute to cling and low unwinding noise
  • Protective film: enhance adhesion and afford stain-free removal
  • Polypropylene (PP) film: improve low temperature impact resistance
  • Automotive sound deadening sheets: afford high filler loading at required mechanical properties
  • Flexible thermoplastic olefins (TPOs): offer free flowing pellets for continuous compounding with PP for use in automotive parts, appliances and mechanical goods
  • Calendared sheets in construction: optimise flexibility-toughness balance of sheets for use in halogen-free roof coverings, tunnel linings, geomembranes, coated fabrics
  • Wire and cable: provide carrier for halogen-free compounds for low voltage insulation and bedding, add flexibility in cross-linked compounds

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QueoTM available in selected countries only. buy cialis our local office for more details.