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Polyolefin Elastomers/Plastomers (POE)

Polyolefin elastomers (POE) are ethylene alpha-olefin copolymers of either ethylene-butene (EB) or ethylene-octene (EO) for optimal performance in different types of applications.

POE are widely used as a blend partner to modify or improve performance of molded and extruded products, flexible packaging, etc. They are applicable in Automotive, Footwear, Film Packaging, Adhesives, Wire & Cable and Plastic Modifications where the advantages are described below.

Automotive such as sill side, bumper cover, instrument panel, glove box etc

  • Improved Impact Strength especially at Low Temperatures/Crack Resistance
  • Better Tensile and Flexural Strength
  • Higher Filler Acceptance

Footwear/Foams such as mid sole, EVA modification etc

  • Excellent Resiliency
  • Higher Tear Strength
  • Good Cushioning and Shock Absorber

Film Packaging such as lamination layer, multi-layer, cling layer etc

  • Excellent Low Temperature Sealing (Wider Temperature Range Performance)
  • Better Hot Tack Strength
  • Increase in Durability/Puncture Resistance
  • Surface Softness

Adhesives such as packaging sealing, book binding, wood furniture etc

  • Odour Free
  • Thermal Stability compared to EVA HMA

Wire & Cable such as Shipboard Cable, Communication Cable, Power Cable etc

  • Light Weight
  • High e-Resistivity
  • Better Flexibility for Cross-Linked Compounds

We have 8 years of experience selling POE to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam.

cialis price for more info.