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Estane® Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)


Lubrizol's engineered polymers represent a single, convenient and reliable source with multiple product groups working together to solve some of today's toughest challenges.

  • Estane® TPU consist of polyester, polyether and specialty adhesive compounds previously known as "Skythane TPU". Estane STPU is designed primarily from injection molding and adhesive applications.

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  • The Estane 2000 series is a complete TPU product line consisting of polyester, polyether and specialty compounds previously known as "Pellethane TPU".

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  • The Estane 54000 series contains high melt flow TPU polyester and polyether compounds designed with processing aids to facilitate calendaring, cast film and melt coating processing.

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  • The Estane 58000 series is a complete polyester and polyether based TPU product line primarily designed for extrusion and injection molding.

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  • Estane AG TPUs are aliphatic polyether-based TPUs designed for glass lamination with high optical transparency requirements. Estane AG TPUs exhibit excellent adhesion to glass, polycarbonate, acrylic and cellulose acetate butyrate.

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  • Estane ALR TPUs are aliphatic TPUs based on polycaprolactone, polyether and polycarbonates. They are designed for enhanced weatherability with high UV resistance for applications requiring no discoloration.

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  • Estane easy-to-extrude (ETE) TPUs are harder (49D and higher) aromatic polyester and polyether grades designed for ETE applications in flat die/cast film, tubing, wire & cable, injection and blow molding.

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  • Estane flame retardant (FR) TPU compounds are based on halogen and non-halogen (zero halogen) technologies. They are primarily intended for wire and cable jacketing but also used in hose & tube, injection molding, and fabric coating applications.

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  • Estane GP B series TPUs are polyester-based aromatic TPUs designed for injection molding processing.

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  • Estane GP E series TPUs are polyester-based aromatic TPUs designed for injection molding processing.

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  • Estane GP T series TPUs are polyester-based aromatic TPUs designed for injection molding processing.

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  • Estane moisture vapor transmission (MVT) TPUs are aromatic polyether-based TPUs for high MVT applications (primarily thin films). Tin-free products are available.

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