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ExxonMobil Chemical



Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation



  • Kalix HPPA
  • Ixef PARA
  • Torlon PAI
  • Amodel PPA
  • Ketaspire PEEK
  • Avaspire PAEK
  • Radel PPSU
  • Varadel PESU
  • Udel PSU
  • Ryton PPS
  • Solef PVDF
  • Halar ECTFE
  • Technoflon FKM
  • Hyflon PFA
  • Xydar LCP


LG Chem




Borealis / Borouge



  • Black Masterbatch Film
  • Black Masterbatch Universal
  • Conductive compounds





Chang Chung Petrochemicals

  • Evasin EVOH


  • Compounding Feedstock PA66
  • Direct-to-mold, Unfilled PA66
  • High Viscosity PA66


  • UV Additives
  • AO Additives


  • TXIB, Benzoflex Non-Phthalate Plasticizers
  • Eastotac, Regalite Hydrogenated Hydrocarbon Resins
  • Piccotac, Picco Hydrocarbon Resins
  • Staybelite, Foral, Foralyn, Abitol Specialty Rosins
  • Kristalex, Endex, Plastolyn, Piccolastic Pure Monomer Resins
  • Eastoflex, Aerafin Polymers Amorphous Poly Olefin

West Tech Chemical

  • Addtack, West Tech Dispersion Rosin Ester Based resin dispersions

ShangdongJusage Technology

  • Jusage SIS & SBS