GME Chemicals is a leading (SEA) Regional Distributor of Specialty Plastics and Elastomers.

We are committed to our 3 Ps, "Passion" and "Perseverance" to deliver our "Promise". This way, we strive to be your Preferred Partner that offers long term, sustainable value creation and growth.

Specialty Elastomers
We offer diversified portfolio of Elastomers that include TPV, TPU, TPE, POE/POP, PBE, COPE, SSBR, and Fluoro-Elastomer (FKM/FFKM) for a variety of market segments, including

  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Film & Packaging
  • Household Appliance
  • Healthcare & Medical
  • Personal Care & Apparel

Performance Plastics & Additives
We will continue to add value to our existing product portfolio by handling high performance plastics and additive across various market segments. These include PEEK, PAEK, PPS, HPPA, PAI, PSU, PES, PPSU, PVDF, PFA, PFPE, ADP and Polyamide polymers.Our customers are constantly looking for higher performance materials to meet the most demanding requirements.

New Business Development
We do not just introduce new products or handle the existing one better; we work closely with our partners by tapping into our local expertise and know-how, from the selection of raw materials, machineries, to the production of goods that enable them to create values in their business.

We offer additional service in design for manufacturing for thermoplastic injection molding, which ranging from tool design validation, mold flow simulation and post design issue resolution.