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GME Chemicals (S) Pte Ltd was established in 1999. The principle activities of the company are to import, warehouse, distribute and trade specialty chemicals and polymers in the region.

The management and staff at GME Chemicals (S) Pte Ltd are committed to deliver maximum quality and customer services. We are also constantly upgrading our technical knowledge and skills to provide timely response to the customers' needs and expectations.


GME Vision
We strive to be your preferred business partner in Specialty Chemicals and Polymers.
GME Mission
We are committed to represent and distribute the most comprehensive range of industrial and specialty chemical products in the region with appropriate returns.

We are committed to provide excellent quality products and services by leveraging on our product expertise and the connections of our regional network of customers and principals.
GME Core Value: Agility
It is our business to keep our customer ahead so that they could respond swiftly to the ever changing and competitive market situation. We will initiate improvement and actively engage in assisting our customers develop the following areas:

1. Product Portfolios Management

2. Budget Management and Forecasting

3. Inventory Planning and Management

4. Product Sourcing
GME Core Value: Trustworthiness
As a true & reliable business partner to our valued customers and principals, the senior management of GME Chemicals will actively involved in the business modus operandi covering specific work scopes - from spear-heading the market development team to providing technical support to overseeing the inventory planning/management to supporting the back-end logistics, infrastructure and production timelines.


Being able to feel the pulse of the market, we at GME Chemicals are able to utilize this invaluable knowledge and experience to add value to our customers' business strategy. By leveraging on our network of suppliers, market access and product knowledge, we are able to meet the needs of even the most demanding customer

- Philip Chew, Managing Director